We started Balboa Sport roughly two years ago with the simple ambition to impact sports. To be a part of the movement through our marketing expertise.

We had a lot of ideas and certainly a shared passion for sports in general but we were not sure how to position ourselves to provide as much value as possible to the sports world given the information we had about the industry. So we dove in, head first, to test out ideas and start to build those relationships.

We used those two years to learn about the market. To talk to the people that are shaping sports businesses all across North America and work with multiple trustworthy organizations and we have learned a great deal through this experience.

For one, we learned that generally speaking, sports organizations have great ideas about how to grow their sports and their events but lack the time and resources to execute that plan. We also know that, more than ever, the sports industry, as well as many industries, are changing at a rapid pace… From a customer behavior standpoint, media & production, competition landscape, technological, etc.

We have decided to tackle those issues with a clear mission: To empower sports organizations with innovative & creative solutions that fuel growth.

Because we know there are lots of challenges, but as ex-athletes, we also know all the benefits of sports in general.. from an economic and health standpoint but also for the connection and the amazing sense of belonging it provides to people of all ages.

Through our insights and an incredible network of dedicated and talented people, we can provide cost-effective solutions that focus on your objectives. We do not sell any specific product or services but we instead sell a goal-driven partnership. We propose solutions to your problems and help execute the plan while monitoring its progress.

So if you are a sports organization or business with a great ambition to push your sport forward —>   work with us


–  Francois Hamelin, Co-founder
–  Joel Mineau, Co-founder