In more than 15 years, Charles Hamelin has won every conceivable titles

He is the most decorated skater on the World Cup circuit and continues to push his own records, being active at 34 years old. Charles has participated in 4 Olympic Games, where he has been on the podium 5 times, including 3 times as Olympic Champion.

At the age of 33, he gave himself a great gift by winning the title that was missing in his collection, that of world champion all distances. He is undoubtedly the greatest skater in the history of short track and highly respected in his community.

Despite his impressive record, retirement is still not an option for him. Charles is an exemplary leader on the Canadian team and is very keen on setting an example. The sustainability of his sport is close to his heart and he likes to know that the next generation of skaters is on the right track. He is very close to his teammates, and for him, seeing his fellow coaches excel in training and having success in competition, is a source of great pride.

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Montreal, QC

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