IBF World Champion looking forward for bigger challenges

At the age of 6, Marie-Eve started karate. She worked her way up through the ranks until she obtained her black belt. After winning 5 world championship titles, she tried her luck in kick-boxing only to discover that she was born to box. Undefeated in 17 fights, she won the IBF World Champion belt in the Super welterweight category in 2018.The next challenges promise to be extremely exciting as she seeks to unify her belt.

Marie-Eve is very much involved in the youth cause. Inspiring them to believe in themselves and follow their dreams is part of her mission as a boxer.
She gives many conferences in schools to show young people that the world of boxing is much more than just punches. It is an exciting sport and it is possible to be yourself in a robust atmosphere.

Recently, Marie-Eve also spoke out to fight against the pay inequity between men and women in the world of boxing.

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IBF Super welterweight World Champion

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